ACP Philosophy Statement

The Association supports the concept of full community membership for persons with developmental disabilities or related needs.

All people have:
1.choice and realization of personal goals;
2.choice in all areas of daily living; inclusion within the community;
4.friends, family and intimacy;
6.dignity and respect;
7.the best possible health;, accessible environments;
9.sufficient and secure economic resources;
10.satisfaction with their lives.

ACP Goal Statement

1.Create a forum whose membership is committed to the philosophy and the "code of ethics" of this Association.
2.Provide a means to effect changes at the societal, systematic and personal level in order to support quality opportunities for all persons.
3.Recognize outstanding individual accomplishments which are consistent with the purpose, goals and philosophy of this Association.
4.Advance the philosophical principles by promoting opportunities for sharing skills, abilities and knowledge of the Association's members.
5.Support the ongoing development of functional competency standards for all human service workers.

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