Association of Community Professionals

August 26, 2019

1:00 p.m.

Kearney, Nebraska


Present: Leslie Bishop Hartung, Cheryl Montgomery, Tina Dykes, Diane Wagner, Kylie Joyce, Pam Mann, Bobbie Cox, Bob Davis, andTara Harper (Remote)

Call to Order: ACP President Cheryl Montgomery called the meeting to order at 1:07 p.m.

Minutes of the previous meeting: Pam Mann moved to approve, seconded by Bobbie Cox.APPROVED.

Treasurer’s Report: Bob Davis reported he made payment to Jason for web site updates.  $4319.34 is the current balance of ACN funds. Inquiry regarding Paypal.By consensus the board indicated they would like to have the Paypal link on the website for conference registrations.

Conference Committee: Kylie Joyce reported. Dr. Lisa Mills has agreed to present for $1400 plus travel expenses. Mills can present on the CMS Final Rule and how to put those requirements into best practice for providers. Best Care EAP is willing to present two 60-minute presentations for the second day. Mary Lawson wants to show a film called “Invaluable,” about DSP work. Running time is 44 minutes.

Thursday - Registration 8:00-9:00 a.m.; 9:00 – 9:15 introductions and logistics; 9:15 - 10:45 a.m. for Mills; 11:00 a.m. for film and awards; 12:00 noon luncheon and annual meeting; 1:00 p.m. Mills until 4:00 or 4:30 p.m. (includes a break of approx. 20 minutes).

Friday – Two 60-minute sessions. Add Kate Bolz for the first hour to talk about the waiver and full implementation. 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. - Bolz; 10:30-11;30 1 session (Thriving in Chaos); 11:30-12:30 2nd session (Self Care) – Best Care EAP.

Members are asked to push the conference registration. Must get larger numbers to register. Share on all personal social meeting. One nomination for awards received to date.

Sidebar discussion of waiver and rates. 4% increase is based on utilization, not allocation. Not everyone is receiving a 4% increase.

Mills’ travel expenses are submitted and paid with speaker fee. Montgomery to get estimate from DD council for expenses regarding Mills. Montgomery will ask Bolz about speaking.

Holiday Inn Kearney is hosting the ACP Conference, November 14-15, 2019. The board will meet November 13 late afternoon or evening. Joycewill investigate meal selections and prices.  Davis will contact the Holiday Entertainment Manager.

The Hospitality Room was replaced with a networking social last year – cash bar with cheese. Attendees greatly prefer free beer and casual networking. Discussion. Wine and beer and popcorn. Maybe ask the board members to donate or money to purchase the leftovers? Will need ID and conference badge, checked by host OR give two tickets to each registrant.  Include tea and soda. Also good for tickets.  Typically is open Thursday night, consider 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Consider free will offering basket. One volunteer at door to check IDs, one volunteer at bar to dispense beverage in exchange for ticket.

Publications: Save the date has been posted. Nomination form is on website, per Montgomery, and it’s also on FaceBook.  Bishop Hartung to send minutes from last annual meeting to Montgomery.

Legislative Committee: No report. Kate Bolz is at HCBS conference.

Recognition: Pam Mann reported. One nomination has been received to date. The nomination request has been sent to board members. Nominations are due September 15. Mann will panic October 3 and resend. Costs for the awards are: Schalock plaque is  $200; Outstanding Colleague is $85;  $100 cash to DSPs plus the cost of certificate and frame. Move forward by consensus. Approximately $700 total is anticipated cost of awards.

Nominations Committee:  Pam Mann reported. Roger Stortenbecker will stay on the nominations committee. Members may serve for two consecutive one-year terms. Slate of officers needed as well as who will be retaining their roles on the board. No response yet from Linda Kalhoff and Bruce Cudley.  Nominations must be posted/distributed at least 10 days prior to annual meeting. Several board members are up for re-election. Rochelle Cross was identified as a possible replacement to Marilyn Carper’s term, andwill be voted on at Annual Meeting. Tamara Rust was suggested as a possible board member.

Executive Committee: Following the annual meeting, the board will elect three at large members (not before general membership meeting).

Fiscal Committee: The Fiscal Committee will meet early in the afternoon on November13,,2019. Davis to provide previous two years of records.

Bylaws:  Bylaws are to be reviewed every three years. They were last reviewed 4/10/17. The committee should schedule a meeting. Items to consider include a change in the minimum number of board members, as well as procedures should an officer resign mid-term.

Old Business: Strategic Plan distribution is in process per Montgomery. New mission/vision should be branded in conference materials.

New Business: Clocks have been presented to retiring board members. Tim/Mike/Karen. Clocks are $65 each. Discussion of parameters. Suggestion of a minimum of 10 years of service. Should it be at board discretion? Discussion of history of past board members. Suggestion that clocks be considered a board discretionary award for meritorious service. One clock for Tim/Karen Kolb, should they be exiting the board; one clock for Mike Munn, who served for 28 years. Pam Munn will check on Marilyn Carper’s status on the board. Cheryl will contact Tim/Karen Kolb re: remote meeting participation as a possibility for continued board service. Cheryl will forward Mike Munn’s resignation to the board.

Next Meeting: November 13 at Kearney Holiday Inn 3:00 p.m.

Adjournment: 2:41 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Leslie Bishop Hartung



Board Meeting Minutes

June 17, 2019

Kearney, Nebraska


Present: Cheryl Montgomery, Leslie Bishop Hartung, Bob Davis, Diane Wagner, Kylie Joyce, Bobbie Cook, Pam Mann (via telephone), Tara Harper (via telephone), Tina Dykes (via telephone)


I.                    Call to Order

President Cheryl Montgomery called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. Go to Meeting conferencing was available to those who requested access.


II.                  Approval of Meeting Minutes of April 15, 2019

Moved to approve the minutes as presented by Diane Wagner; seconded by Bob Davis. APPROVED.


III.                Treasurer’s Report

Financial report was presented by Treasurer Bob Davis. After disbursements for support of the “most excellent” trainings ACP helped to fund, and after the receipt of $135 in 2018 conference payment, the balance is $4319.34, with no anticipated receipts or disbursements. Davis reported on his work in getting PayPal in place, stating that a trial run revealed a possible glitch and that he will take another look at it. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted and placed on file.


IV.                Committee Reports

A.      Conference Committee–Vice President Mary Schutt has resigned due to a combination of job changes and health issues.

B.      Nominations Committee – Per the Bylaws, the chair of the Nominations Committee is to be the previous ACP President; however, due to numerous resignations, the Board looked to Pam Man, who served as Interim President prior to the 2018 Conference. Mann accepted the assignment of chair of the Nominations Committee. Following a discussion of the duties of the Vice President specific to the annual conference, Mann presented the name of Kylie Joyce as the Nominating Committee’s recommendation for Vice President. Moved by Mann to nominate Kylie Joyce as Vice President of ACP for the 2018-2019 year; seconded by Bishop Hartung. APPROVED. Bobbie Cook has agreed to serve on the Recognition Committee. Mann also stated she will reach out to Jessica Scheer/ILC.

C.      Conference/Education Committee – Members are in communication with the hotel to confirm a date for the conference.

D.      Publications Committee – Photos from the last conference are requested. Montgomery will upload photos.

E.       Legislative Committee – No report.

F.       Recognition Committee – New committee member is Bobbie Cook

G.     Executive Committee – No report.

H.      Fiscal Committee – No report. A review of finances will be scheduled following the annual conference

I.        By Laws Committee (ad hoc) – No report. Bishop Hartung will send by laws to all board members to solicit suggested changes. One item to change is the minimum number of board members, which may not reflect current membership realities. Another item to discuss is language allowing for electronic balloting.


V.                  Old Business: Strategic Plan/Mission Statement

Themes of the strategic plan included accessible training, networking, and time management. Bishop Hartung has a hard copy of some of the results of the process and will type and send out to board members.


VI.                New Business (Board Vacancies, Conference Ideas and Discussion)

Board vacancies were addressed by the Nominations Committee.

Conference Ideas included one day with ANCOR followed by a half day with Jim Freuhling. Montgomery will contact Kate Bolz to help access a potential presenter from ANCOR. Save the Date announcements should be issued as soon as the hotel date is confirmed. Speakers should be confirmed by the next meeting.


VII.              Next Meeting/Adjournment

The next meeting of the ACP Board of Directors is Monday, August 26, 2019 at the Kearney Public Library, 2020 1st Avenue, Kearney, Nebraska.



Respectfully submitted,




Leslie Bishop Hartung




April 15, 2019

Kearney, NE


Present: Cheryl Montgomery, Leslie Bishop Hartung, Tina Dykes, Diane Wagner, Robert Davis, Bobbie Cook, Laura Baker (via telephone)

I.                    Call to Order

President Cheryl Montgomery called the meeting to order at 10:20 a.m.


II.                  Financials

Financial report was presented by Treasurer Bob Davis. At last meeting, the group agreed to support the training on Dementia and I/DD in the amount of $250 per location. Those checks haven’t been sent yet. Pam Mann was going to get information. Current balance is $4684.34, less a $20 refundable deposit for use of today’s meeting room. After the promised $500 is disbursed to the two conferences, ACP will be left with $4164.34. Per Davis, this is enough seed money to put together a fall conference. There is no spring conference. Historically, the fall conference is geared toward management. Davis said the fee for continuing nonprofit incorporation in Nebraska was $23. Davis is still working on PayPal, and mentioned the need for an internal audit following the annual meeting.


III.                Minutes

Minutes were presented as emailed to the membership. Moved to approve by Diane Wagner with a friendly amendment to add Bobbie Cook as present. Seconded by Davis. APPROVED.


IV.                Committee Reports

Conference Committee: In the absence of Mary Schutt, there was no report.

Publications Committee: Discussion on need for photographs posted from last year’s award winners. Need information on fall conference before announcing the awards. Want to make sure PayPal is available before promoting on line.

Legislative Committee: No report. Discussion of Medicaid and employment.

Recognition Committee: No report. Members are asked to encourage nominations for awards. Nominations are due 9/23/19.

Nominations Committee: No report.

Executive Committee: Has not met.

Finance Committee: “Still trusting Bob.” Discussion of the concept of Treasurer for Life.

Bylaws Committee: No report


V.                  Strategic Plan

The mission statement as developed during the Strategic Plan process is “Promoting excellence among those who dedicate their lives to quality community inclusion for persons  with intellectual and developmental disabilities.” Leslie Bishop Hartung will look for materials from the process and deliver to Montgomery. Montgomery will distribute information and group will review each section. The mission statement will be put on the agendas to help focus discussion.


VI.                Fall Conference

Discussion on financial limitations as related to developing the fall conference. Need for a timely topic, with usable information on how to put concepts into practice. Brainstorming session included HCI, Housing, How to Keep the Plates Spinning?, specialist in CMS final rule, best practices, EVV, Managed Care and DD. Creative Advocacy. Consider inviting senators to attend at no cost. Consider Edison McDonald and Brad Meurens as resources. Cost/Benefit Ratio. Current impossibility of supported employment. ANCOR as a resource. Be sure to have people leave upbeat. Jim Freuhling? Pete Leidy? $2500 or so for a day and a half. He will be in Omaha October 9, can we piggyback?


VII.              Next Meeting

Next meeting is June 17, 2019, at 1:00 p.m., Kearney Pubic Library.


VIII.            Adjournment

Montgomery adjourned the meeting at 11:57 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Leslie Bishop Hartung



Association of Community Professionals

Board Meeting

Kearney Library, Kearney, NE and remotely



Present: Cheryl Montgomery, Leslie Bishop Hartung, Pam Mann, Bob Davis, Mary Schutt, Diane Wagner, Laura Baker, Jessica Scheer, Kylie Joyce, Cali Cramer


I.                    Call to Order

II.                  Approval of Minutes – Not available due to flood

III.                Treasurer’s Report-Treasurer Bob Davis reported a current balance of $4707.34 with no pending bills. Following action on the Dementia Capable training sponsorship, the balance will be $4207.34

IV.                Committee Reports

A.      Conference Committee – no spring conference for 2019 as there is insufficient time available to bring something together. Mary Schutt attempted to give her report, but the teleconference mechanism interfered and she was unable to be heard. Those who could be heard via telephone identified several potential presenters including Kathy McLaughlin, Kathie Snow, Patricia Murrey, and Cara Murray, as well as John from NSPP. Kathy McLaughlin is specific to autism, from Canada, so pricey. Kathie Snow was at ACP spring conference fairly recently. Perhaps ANCOR could send a representative specific to discussions regarding the Olmstead Plan, as well as coming changes and how best to prep for them. Kate Bolz could be resource regarding ANCOR connection. Added to a Disability Rights Nebraska presenter for Nebraska-specific information could provide some insight into what things potentially look like for Nebraska. Discussion of dates and need to avoid Halloween, which falls on Thursday this year. Discussion of attendees at 2018 annual conference. Due to uncertainty of provider finances, most agencies sent singles/couples. Some larger agencies sent larger groups, but the consensus is to work to keep the cost per person low.

B.      Publications Committee – Pictures are up on the website. ACN’s FaceBook page is being used more often.

C.      Legislative Committee – No committee members were in attendance. Appropriations hearing is 3/26/19. Also important is the second half of the partial funding for weekends. Uncertainty regarding its status. Tax credit bill has been moved to the Revenue Committee. Cheryl Montgomery to distribute information after Friday.

D.      Recognition Committee – Jan Swedeburg retired but has not yet received her retirement clock. Looking for ideas on how to deliver it. Discussion on promotion of awards. Difficult to get nominations for Community Achievement Award; often, the Robert Shalock award nominees are received at the last minute. The nominations form will remain the same, but the deadline for nominations will be changed to 9/23/19. This allows time for the committee to meet and then order awards. Montgomery to update the nomination information on the website and FaceBook.

E.       Nominations Committee – No report.

F.       Executive Committee – No report.

G.     Finance Committee - Davis reported that he is working on Paypal arrangements to facilitate easier registration. Several entities have requested this. He needs a director and board member listing, which was emailed to him. Davis also reported there was a $23 fee for re-registering as a nonprofit organization. Diane Wagner and Cheryl Montgomery are exiting the Finance Committee, and Kylie Joyce and Jessica Scheer will take their place, allowing for geographic practicality in finance committee oversight

H.      Bylaws Committee – Bylaws need to be updated. There is currently no language regarding dues payment, but this might be best to not codify.

V.                  Old Business

A.      The Strategic Plan and Mission Statement need to be sent out again due to the new board members.

B.      5/1 Train the Trainer in North Platte Janet Miller. Dementia I/DD grant. Looking for co-sponsors. This was mentioned at the August 2018 meeting. Per Pam Mann, two sessions scheduled: 3rd week of March in Norfolk, and the last day of March/April 1 in North Platte. Organizer Janet Miller expects 60-80 participants total. ACP sponsorship would help to offset costs, such as room usage, refreshments. Moved by Pam Mann to sponsor the I/DD Dementia Capable training conference in the amount of $500, $250 per site. Seconded by Diane Wagner MOTION CARRIED. Mann to text Davis regarding the details of how to handle the financial sponsorship.

VI.                New Business

A.      Request that board members share their cell phone numbers. This number is probably more functional than a fax number and will be added to the board member listing sheet. Please email cell phone numbers to Montgomery who will send to Bishop Hartung.

B.      Linda Kalhoff is retiring at the end of this month, which will allow more time for ACP and her other loves (grandchildren).

VII.              Next Meeting/Adjournment

Montgomery could  use Survey Monkey to determine next meeting. All those participating today agreed April 15 would be a good meeting date. Mann to reserve the Kearney Library for April 15, 2019, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon.


Respectfully submitted,




Leslie Bishop Hartung

Acting Secretary


Association of Community Professionals

Annual Membership Meeting

Kearney Holiday Inn

Kearney, Nebraska




November 1, 2018

12:00 noon



I.                   Call to Order  

President Coni Meyer called the annual meeting to order at 12:25p.m. Eighty-seven members were in attendance.


II.                Approval of Agenda

Moved to approve the agenda as presented by David Wallace; seconded by Jen Harrison. APPROVED.


III.             Minutes of the Last Annual Meeting

Moved to approve the minutes of the previous Annual Membership Meeting, October 26, 2017 by Dave Merrill; seconded by Bob Davis. APPROVED.


IV.             Treasurers Report

Treasurer Bob Davis reported the balance of funds is $6685.20


V.                Committee Reports

By Laws Committee – Bylaws committee will meet this year. Proposed changes will be posted 30 days prior to the next annual membership meeting.

Conference Committee – Mary Schutt reported a survey would be distributed soon.

Legislative Committee – No report, but Kate Bolz reported on the first year of the biennial budget, and the election of a new HHS and Appropriations chairs. Fiscal projections are up somewhat, with a projected decline in revenue during the second year. Three bills to watch are 1). Remedy for youth in transition; 2) funding rates; and 3) payback of previous cuts to providers.

Nominating Committee – The nominating committee presented the proposed slate of officers. Bob Evans moved to close nominations; seconded by Bruce Cudley. APPROVED. Moved to accept the slate of officers as presented by Pam Mann; seconded by Dave Merrill. APPROVED. The Nominating Committee also proposed the membership of the Nominating Committee to include Linda Kohlhoff, Roger Stortenbecker, and Bruce Cudly. The Nominating Committee is chaired by the previous president of the Board. Moved to accept the slate of members for the Nominating Committee by Bob Davis, seconded by Pam Mann.APPROVED.

VI.             Old Business

The membership dues are $15 per person, embedded in the conference registration fee. Moved to continue the current dues structure by Bruce Cudly; seconded by Mary Schutt. APPROVED.


VII.          New Business

No new business was brought to the meeting.


VIII.       Recognitions

Interim President Pam Mann presented the following awards:

Outstanding Support Person – presented to Erin O’Brian, MOSAIC, Kearney, and Brenda Fortner, North Platt Opportunity Center

Outstanding Colleague – representing personal growth and promoting growth among others through his unwavering philosophy, the award was presented to Rev. Dr. Jim Freuhling, MOSAIC.

RoabertSchalock Award – representing significant impaceon a statewide bases, the award was presented to Roger Stortenbecker. Stortenbecker was unable to attend, but sent an acceptance letter which included the post script: “I am blessed that this career found me.”


IX.             Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 12:55 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,




Leslie Bishop Hartung








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